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Removing Tonsil Stones

 It is fairly common for most of us to have a sore throat from time to time, but if you have been diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis, then you may also want to be on the lookout for tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are very common in adults who have not had their tonsils out, and thankfully you can start removing tonsil stones on your own in some instances.

Whether or not removing tonsil stones is safe for you will depend on a number of factors including how many tonsil stones you have, how large they are, how hard they are, and the type and severity of symptoms you are currently experiencing.

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones are also known as tonsilloliths, and are basically small, hard and pockets of debris, mucus, or bacteria that has lodged in your tonsils.

This is a very common problem among people all over the world, though it is one that is easily solved when the tonsils far removed. If you are suffering from tonsil stones, then there are certain things you can do to eliminate the symptoms and even get rid of them altogether.

Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of These?

The main reason why you should try and eliminate your tonsil stones if you can is because they can continue to get bigger, causing problems with swallowing and the perpetually painful throat. Tonsil stones can become infected which can eventually lead to having your tonsils taken out in a searchable manner.

Most people only discovered that they have tonsil stones after they have suffered through recurring sore throats or they feel something in their throat when they tried to swallow. You can easily see these with the proper light in the mirror, or you may have someone else identify them for you.

Is Removing Tonsil Stones Safe?

There are several different ways that you can go about removing tonsil stones, but it is important to remember that if you are going to use some kind of sharp object in which to do so, you should be extremely careful.

For that reason alone, most people begin removing tonsil stones by intense gargling of warm salt water or some type of anti-bacterial gargle. By gargling, you may be able to break loose that tonsil stones and you will also help to prevent further tonsil stones from forming.

Some people will use items such as a bobby pin or toothpick to poke at the tonsil stone, but that will depend on where it is located precisely, and whether or not you can tolerate this sensation in the back of your throat.

If you find that your tonsil stones are getting larger, harder, or they are creating difficulty when it comes to swallowing, then you should certainly see a doctor before you try and touch them.

Should You Really Be Doing This On Your Own?

For the most part, removing tonsil stones on your own can be a very safe thing to do, but if you are taking blood thinners, you have existing health issues, or you have a particularly intense gag reflex, then you may want to have someone else do this for you.

For those reasons, the best way to begin removing tonsil stones on your own is to use a gargle on a regular basis and to keep an eye on the growth of your tonsil stones.

If you are experiencing a severe sore throat, swallowing becomes difficult, or you have your pain that may be related to a potential infection in your throat, then it is definitely time to have a professional look at your tonsil stones.

They may be able to remove these in a clinical setting or the worst-case scenario is that you have your tonsils removed surgically.

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Tips to Prevent Tonsil Stones


Health professionals would always say that “Prevention is better than cure”, and there is a reason why they keep on repeating that phrase, saying that over and over again to people, and that is because it is true.

You will only understand how true that is once you get sick of something that you know you could avoid if only you were careful and was able to watch out what you were doing and what you were eating.

Tonsil Stones is one of those that you can prevent, if only you would take time to do some simple and very easy things. And believe when I say that tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths as most of our medical professionals would call it, is something that you would want to avoid.

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The Signs and Symptoms of Tonsil Stones

It is very important that you know what signs and symptoms to watch out for so that you will have an idea if there is already something wrong happening inside your body.

You should know what the warning signs are when you are already developing something so that you can act on it and the stop the progression of the disease process as early as possible.

When it comes to tonsil stones, it is also crucial that you know what kind of things to looks out for so that when the stones are still few and not that severe and causing too much problem to you ye, you can remove them using simple ways and treatments that you can do even just when you are at home.

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Medical and Home Treatment for Tonsil Stones

There are some things that no matter what you do to try to keep them from occurring, they still happen. So if you have done everything that health professional say that you need to do to prevent having tonsil stones, but you end up still having them?

Worry not because there are already treatments available to help you get through it. There are treatments that are given by a health or a medical professional but there are also home remedies that you can do, there is no harm in trying, just seeing if the natural remedies can help to.

So here is the list of the treatments for a tonsil stone.

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Getting Rid of Tonsil Stones

Getting Rid of Tonsil Stones

When you have something like tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, inside your mouth, you would really want them to be gone as fast and as soon as possible.

This is because having tonsil stones would really a bad experience and big inconvenience for you because you are very much likely to experience a very sore throat, so you will have difficulty speaking, eating and drinking, you will also be prone to infection like tonsillitis because the area around your tonsils are swarmed with bacteria.

Another good reason why tonsil stones should be treated immediately is because it causes a very bad breath that mouthwash can’t seem to fight off, so you would really feel uncomfortable speaking with other people.

This is why when it comes to tonsil stones, prevention are really way much better than curing or treating it, but once you already have it, you should not waste any minute of your time, you should quickly look for ways of how you can treat and get rid of them fast!

So what are the ways for you to be able to get rid of these tonsil stones as fast as you can? First, you should try the simple and the less invasive ways of getting rid of them, if they are just new and not that severe yet, you can try these.

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What Are Tonsil Stones?

Every part and detail of a human body is important in order to live normally.  The human body is composed of systems that work together to sustain us every single day.  If one of the systems fails just like a machine, a person will suffer.

One of the systems that are essential in a human body is the Lymphatic System.  Its function is to help the body fight against infection.  The tonsil, which is located in the throat, is part of this system which mostly affects people if it is not functioning well.

People are fond of eating and drinking different kinds of food.  And because of heavy schedules or laziness, we sometimes forget to drink more water and even to brush our teeth. This is a problem of most people, young and old, which results to Tonsil Stones.

Tonsil Stones

Tonsil Stones are formed if residues of food are left in the throat.  This can also be from mucus or bacteria staying in your tonsils.  So if you are fond of eating but you do not drink plenty of water after you eat or even brush your teeth, eventually tonsil stones will develop.

Sometimes, it also forms due to chronic tonsillitis which is inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsillitis happens when a virus or bacteria attacks the tonsils which causes sore throat and for worse cases, tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones vary in size.  It starts from small and becomes big if not treated.  You cannot feel it if it is still small but if it worsens you will have sore throat and difficulty in breathing.

Having sore throat due to tonsil stones is disturbing.  It has a painful sensation when you swallow and even when you speak.  It will also be difficult to breathe in some cases.  Who would like to suffer from this? Certainly no one!

The Remedy

Good news is that, you don’t have to worry much if you have tonsil stones.  In early stages, you can get it easily by yourself if it is visible using a toothpick or a pointed object.

Just be careful in doing this.  Some tonsil stones are found at the back of your throat which will be very difficult for you to get.  You can ask a doctor if this happens.

You can also try gargling warm water with salt.  This is very effective if you do it every morning and before you go to bed every day.  Just dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in warm water. This helps loose the stones in your tonsils.

Even if you don’t have tonsil stones, it prevents you from having it.  It is also very good to your teeth and if you have bad breath.  There are some other remedies that you can try even at home.

You can use garlic, apple cider vinegar, carrots and lemon juice.  These basic tips will be applicable only during the early stages.  If your tonsil stones are getting worse, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Nevertheless, nothing beats prevention.  As most people would say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Nothing will happen if you know how to take care of your body.  Tonsil stones are easy to cure but if taken for granted it will cause major damage to your body.  Worst is, it might also cause your life.

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What Causes Tonsil Stones

 Most of us have heard of gallstones or kidney stones, but you may not realize that you can also get tonsil stones. These are very much the same type of stones found in other organs of your body, and they can become equally troublesome. If you have begun to notice a change in the back of your throat, then knowing just what causes tonsil stones may be important for you.

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How to Remove Tonsil Stones

 If you have been lucky enough to make it into adulthood with your tonsils in fact, then you may find that eventually you need to learn how to remove tonsil stones on your own. This is a very common health issue, though it is one that few people know much about. Tonsil stones can cause symptoms that are simply troublesome, or they can create a great amount of pain. The good news is that you can learn how to remove tonsil stones at home without having to deal with the pain and suffering of a clinical procedure.

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Tonsil Stone Removal

When you have gallstones or kidney stones, your body often has the ability to eliminate the stones naturally through the urine or digestive system. However, tonsil stone removal is not always that simple and you may find that you need to take certain steps in order to get rid of them. Even though they may seem disgusting and offensive in the back of your throat, at home tonsil stone removal is usually the best way to deal with them.

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 As you grow older, you will begin to see that more and more on maladies and afflictions seemingly come out of nowhere. One of these is known as tonsiliths, which are actually small, calcified stones of debris that have been deposited in the small pockets of your tonsils. If you have not had your tonsils out, then you are at risk of getting tonsiliths at any time, and the symptoms can range from very mild to extremely severe.

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